We just wanted to say thanks for the new addition to our family. Our MAS is just such a sweet, well tempered, smart and confident little puppy! It’s the first family dog for us and he has quickly stolen all our hearts.

After handling many many questions and emails from our family you were fantastic to deal with, very responsive and patient with our requests.

We purchased our new puppy from Nova Scotia and made a special trip to fly up to Ottawa airport. Ginger delivered the dog right to the airport and everything went off without a hitch!

Ginger went to extra care to prep to make sure the trip was stress free! It was the first time travelling with a puppy!! Thanks for making the trip and purchase easy!

My daughter and I flew into Ottawa September 15th 2017 from Fort McMurray, Alberta to pick up her new beautiful puppy Indie who she bought from Hilltop!

We were very nervous about the whole trip and purchase but Ginger was very patient, informative and understanding and made the experience as smooth and easy as possible. The trip home went extremely well ! Indie had no issues flying ! Indie is an amazing puppy, she's very sweet, intelligent, loving and well adjusted to our home and other pets. It was obvious to us that Ginger had already prepared her for this transition to a new family.

Indie and the whole experience went beyond our expectations and we would defiantly recommend purchasing a puppy from HillTop Kennels to anyone looking for a puppy with this breed in mind.
Thank you again so much Ginger for making this such an easy experience and transition for us and our little precious Indie ! We will treasure her for a lifetime !

We recently brought home our new puppy Tally, and have already fallen madly in love with her. Our whole great experience started before the puppies were even born. From day one Ginger was always available to talk and answer any of our questions or concerns. We received weekly updates and pictures, which allowed us to watch our puppy grow and made the wait much more tolerable!

Our new fur-baby, Tally, came home well socialized, and already loved being around other people and dogs. She has a wonderful personality as she loves to play and have a fun time, but also loves her cuddles. We are impressed with how smart she is, as well as how easily she catches on to things – Been home for just over a week and already understanding simple commands!

We can’t thank Hilltop enough for our amazing puppy, as well as the great experience they gave us! Additionally, we would highly recommend Hilltop to anyone looking for a puppy in the future.

Thank you for everything that you have done for us and Bucky! We were so at ease getting a puppy from you as we knew he, and all the other puppies, were well taken care of. The picture and video updates were not only reassuring, but were also a delight, as we got to see the puppies grow, and got a sense of their personalities before we met them.

We were very excited to get a puppy, but spent a lot of time looking before we found a breeder we were completely comfortable with, and that we could trust. We knew that you fit this description from the very beginning. 

We could not be happier with our little pup, and he us very special to us. He is incredibly smart, loving and healthy, which his vet also observed! We tell everyone where he is from, and how great of an experience the process was. We would recommend your puppies, and would love to one day get a second pup from you!

My experience with Hilltop has been awesome so far!
The whole thing went so smooth and naturally.
I knew I was getting a "quality" pup since the start with all the information avalaible on the website and the information Ginger provided me.

Whenever I had a question, I got an answer right away or as soon Ginger saw my message.
The waiting before getting the puppy was eased out with plenty of pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram.

When visiting the kennels, I noted how the installations were well organized and how lively/healthy the adult dogs were.

My puppy, finally named Plume ("feather" in french), is calm, curious, doesn't bark (for now) and isn't afraid of loud noise.

She's picking up the pace of the household pretty quickly and the other pets are shy compared to her!
Potty training is in process but she already mastered the crate/pen (third night and almost no more whining).

I would certainly recommend Hilltop as a responsible and passionate breeder. Thanks for this awesome puppy!

As a life-long dog owner and former veterinary professional I was looking for a breeder that produced quality dogs and was well informed about the “invisible" challenges of purebreds.

This spring we brought home our first MAS and she has quickly proven to be an ideal representation of the breed. She is even tempered, intelligent and very easy on the eyes. Our little girl was the smallest in her litter and Hilltop was quick to share that with us before bringing her home.

Hilltop was honest and engaged in the conversations we had and very forthcoming with her own thoughts while respecting my experience and knowledge of dogs. Our pup was the fourth member of the pack coming into our home and her social skills gained before arriving were quite obvious. Though still quite young, our little lady stops people everywhere we go, and I am quick to recommend Hilltop to anyone who asks.

Having spent 10 years working in companion animal medicine I was exposed to a lot of problematic breeding which informed my desire to find a breeder who produced high quality dogs, especially in the more difficult to breed colors like blue merle! I whole heartedly recommend Hilltop  without reservation and firmly believe you get more than what you pay for!

Our experience has been so great! This is the first experience we have had with a puppy being so well behaved and attentive from the moment we got him, and he was basically house broken! He has been incredibly sociable, greeting anyone in exchange for cuddles! He’s an extremely healthy boy, growing quickly, and a very fast learner.

Our experience with Hilltop prior to receiving Argus was phenomenal and well above any other breeder we have known. We were given frequent updates, and all communication and expectations on our end were clear and her responses were very fast! And they even had a gift bag for Argus with a toys and a blanket and lots of information the day we picked him up. Argus was the perfect pup to add to our family and has added so much happiness to our lives.

I want everyone to know how happy I am with the dog and with the breeder. The puppy is now nearly 6 months old, happy and healthy.

Her personality is amazing and she's too smart for her own good. 10 repetitions and she knows any command. We have made it to high five and she is bilingual now.

As for the breeder, Hilltop is incredibly pleasant to deal with, responsive and knowledgeable. From the beginning, she taught me everything I needed to know about the puppy and the breed. And we are still in touch about the progress. For me, getting a dog was a big decisions and I have had the best experience and support here. I am actually considering getting another pup from the same breeder and I highly recommend Hilltop.