Our Programs

How our Puppies

Are Raised

All our puppies are raised in our home with full-time 24/7 supervision.

We use Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Sound Stimulation (ESS). They are handled daily from birth to help balance our puppies and prepare them for the real world. This starts as early as 3 days old. The small stresses help the puppy learn how to recover and build resiliency that can handle everyday life stress. 

We follow a strict puppy protocol program which includes daily mental stimulations and exposures at the right times without over-stressing the pups. We call this program our “Puppy Curriculum”. It is also important to teach the puppies how to handle stress because as we know life can get hectic. 

They are exposed to different environments as well as  sights, sounds (ESS), games, and challenges to help build confidence at an early age. 

Little obstacles and courses are set up for the pups to be exposed to and try new challenges. We start working their brains at a young age. These vary and may include a wobble board, teeter-totter, tunnels, stairs with a slide attached, ballroom, bridges etc. We try to install a 3-second recovery time for each pup if they are startled or stressed. Puppies are taken out for individual training time. This helps get them accustomed to bonding with humans and being by themselves without their litter mates. This is done starting around 4 weeks of age. Again, pending on each pup as every puppy is different so we tailor our program to be flexible to each puppies individual needs. We feel this is most important that the time is spent learning each pup and what they need to better their future. 

In the warm months, once our puppies at the appropriate age spend a lot of the time outside on the property with other dogs being exposed to daily life sounds and situations. This helps prepare them for the real world. They learn how to follow along with the pack and stick close by which helps with building that puppy recall. 

During the winter months, the puppies spend more time inside our kitchen and living room as well as out dedicated puppy room rather than outside due to temperature limitations. However, they still venture outside and play with the other dogs to help with socialization.

They are exposed to a variety of different dogs on the property to help with early socializing and to help teach them how to have proper dog manners. It’s important for puppies to learn how to be around other dogs and puppies.

We take pups on pack walks with our other dogs which help teach them to follow along and learn pack mentality. This is a nice touch as your pup will already know to follow you around outside off-leash. It will be up to you to continue the puppy bonding and training to keep a good follow and recall.

Before the puppy selection process, all our pups have individual temperament evaluations. This evaluation consists of a week long, series of challenges and exposures so we can see how they will react to certain situations. We do this to help our clients find the right temperament puppy for their families.