About Us

Hilltop was founded by Ginger who started it all. Ginger had devoted all her time and love to creating the perfect breed representation. Ginger has since retired and Kelli has proudly taken over for Ginger while she enjoys a new chapter

. Kelli has been breeding and training dogs since 2012. She has experience with herding breeds and fell in love with the MAS and Australian shepherd for their dedication and devotion. Kelli is continuing her education in various ways such as online courses in holistic approaches for health and over all wellness, mentoring with different dog trainers as well as online courses.


Hilltop is now showing dogs in CKC confirmation and various other performance sports. We want to better the bred by sticking to a type of dog that represents  both MAS and Aussies in the best way. We are always looking for ways to improve and better our personal selves and our dogs. Growth comes in every aspect we don't want to miss any steps. 

What to Expect

You can expect regular reports & updates on how the litters are doing. We post regularly on social media so you can see a more day-to-day life of what the puppies are getting.  We recommend following us on social media for daily updates you won’t want to miss. This will help you get a better feel of exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

All of our dogs and puppies are fed a  balanced raw food diet, we work closely with our Nutritionist who helps guide us in every way to ensure we are feeding the best quality dog food there is to ensure longevity and health for our dogs. We strive to make sure all our dogs live their best life by spending time outside in the fresh air training, hiking, roaming the farm and of course cuddling up on the couch for some R&R. Our dogs are our family we treat them as such. 

At any stage in the dog’s life, we are always here to help and offer a lifetime of breeder support. We will take our dogs back for any reason without hesitation. There is no judgment. We want to ensure our dogs never end up in shelters and have the best care for their entire life.